The Amabie image I posted yesterday was actually the second version I did, and (I think) the better of the two, but here’s the first one. I’m doubling down, on wishing us all some good luck. If you want to learn more about the Amabie legend, check out my post from yesterday.

Both of these were also a chance to play with the Dr. Martin dyes I bought recently. I used to have them when I was in high school, and I loved them. I thought they were easy to use then, but they’ve changed their tune since, and cause me nothing but frustration now. They do however have some intense color, but once you put it on the paper, you’re stuck with it. It’s like watercolor, but more permanent. One nice thing about them is you can add a wash to colors that are already present, like a transparent swath of color over everything. If you work in PS, it would be like having a layer set on “multiply” and then placing a color shape over an image. I need to keep practicing with them, and taking more chances. They’re popular in Japan among the manga artists for their intense colors, which always remind me of the wild banners they make for sports, festivals, and businesses.