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Picture Pages, Picture Pages

Since I’ve been so crazy busy, and not sure when the new books are set to release, I thought I’d revisit old issues of Joe. I’m not picking…

Morning has broken

Or as I refer to it… dawn. A lot of people take credit on this, but here is her first appearance.

UHump-60 Day

Mixing it up, with a sketch of a whirly-bird. Prelims for a panel in the new Joe book. 

Non- Life Drawing, Line Two

Until the next “real” life drawing session, it’s more pose file stuff. Here’s a “secretary” on a phone.

Mo Joe~ !

Sometimes you see a shot, and ask… “Wonder if I’d have drawn it that way?“. In an issue before my restart, a panel caught my eye, and I…

That school girl is tight!

That’s what the kids say, right? Cause I’m hip to it. Anyway, went back and “tightened” this drawing up a bit; see what I did there?

Another school girl from the pose files?

Yep. Popular theme for the Japanese.

They’re on the “bottom” shelf–

Bad humor man. More pose file sketches–

DWI – Drawing while indecisive

Started out as a standard non-life drawing, then shifted into manga practice. I decided to give the model a more anime looking face, and changed the extended hand…

How many school girls to equal a librarian?

I should have added glasses for that lil’ bit extra.

Dinner date?

I think the wife might have something to say about it. That and the fact it’s just another pic from a pose file.

Oh, ninja poop!

More from the issue dropping this week. This is a tiny corner of a panel, but for some reason I was really happy with the pose. I try…

School days coming to a close

A lot of kids are winding up their school year, but all that makes me think of is… how focused the Japanese are on uniforms in their pose…

Yo Joe~ seriously, this time!

Back on Joe for a bit, and of course, it’s on an insane deadline; with the first issue dropping this week! I barely have time to think, so…

More GIJoe on the board…

But not here! Ha-ha! April fools! Here’s another pose file sketch. 

What’re ya standin’ around fer?

Fine, I’ll do more pose file sketches…

Get outta my dreams, get into my car…

That’s how that song went, right?  Another pose file lady, and this one’s in the driver’s seat, but she needs to get her feet off the steering wheel!…

Gotta fill the down time

I spend half my days waiting on other people to do their jobs, so to fill that, here are more pose file sketches. 

Back to non-life drawing

Well, the drawing sessions are only once a month apparently. Boooooo! So here’s another pose file sketch.

Life Drawing, Liberty, and the Pursuit of…

Well, whatever I was trying to find, I think I missed it! Again, model (@alightmodel) was solid, while I seemed to be drawing with wet Twiglet™. Hopefully next…