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Feeling blue (lead) again

Yeah, the wife may like the red lead thing, but I’m still partial to the blue. Call me a traditionalist.

Blasting off again!

Another panel I liked from this week’s Beano (which in the US you can get digitally thru their app)!

Red Rum — Red Rum

Models seem to love this pose, laying back, with one arm out. If you go back thru my posts, I bet you’ll see similar ones a lot. Is…

Beano blast off!

Beano drops tomorrow with a story called “Blast off” by Danny Pearson! Here’s a sneak~ Catch the Easter Egg? Pretty obvious, I know.

In the pink of things

Ok, technically it’s a red lead, but it looks pink in the context; funny how that works.  A 20 min. sketch—

Back to life — drawing

Recent efforts— some quick sketches.

What you Bean-o up to?

I’m mostly known for GI Joe:Real American Hero, and other IDW titles, but I’ve also been a contributor to the kids magazine Beano in the U.K. for almost…

Temporary re-enlistment

If you hit the shops, or go online, for comics today, check out my guest issue of GI Joe: Real American Hero #263! Paying a little love to…

You’re dead… and out of this world

Ok, I mean “Death” from DC’s Vertigo. On a side note, if you haven’t been watching “What We Do in the Shadows” on FX… immediately stop what you’re…

Beyond the Boundary of Japan

I watch a decent amount of anime, but finding the time is the hardest part. One series I enjoyed lately (but late to the game on) was Beyond…

Once a Joe, always a Joe!

With the end of Sgt. Slaughter week (this should be an official tradition IMO), let us end here on a high note; which would be… YO!

Sgt. Slaughter is not amused with my pathetic drawings!

At least that’s what I’d expect him to say. I was on the GI Joe comics in some form for about 7 years. Sadly, the good Sgt. was…

It’s Sgt Slaughter week— you maggots!

Sgt. Slaughter the wrestling icon, and part time GI Joe character, was at the recent show in DC. I did a bunch of sketches of him, and drawings…

The Blue Queen~ A Murder

Don’t know if it’s a murder, but I butchered this drawing! Hey, at least it’s in the cool, cool blue lead! This was a 55 min pose, and…

The Queen looks to the future

The Queen thinks you need to draw better; and faster!

I usually draw with a stopwatch, so I know where I should be in my process, and how much time I have left. I got too wrapped up…

The Queen needs a Piña Colada!

Seriously, is this not the classic beach pose from an S.I. swimsuit issue? The Queen isn’t just great at holding a pose, but apparently she’s pretty athletic, with…

Queen of elegance!

I love this model for various reasons, the first being her ability to lock in a pose and not drift. She doesn’t just do ones that allow her…

The Queen returns!

My fave life model was back, and in grand form! (Is that a pun? I never know) She did not disappoint, because from the start, she was rockin’!…

Mind the oranges Duke!

A little DR & Quinch reference there. Anyway, another sketch from the recent show.