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The bad guys have formed an Allegiance

Here are some of the bad guys from Red Rooster. The guy in the Tux is Fire-for-Hire, the one eating a rat is aptly named “Vermin-Eater”, and the…

Don’t Dennis in the house!

Got to do a joke page for this week’s Beano. I think by Dennis’ expression you can tell, it ain’t a good day to be Dennis!

Another non-life drawing

Another lovely lady from a Japanese magazine. I can never complain they don’t hold the pose.

It’s a chop shop of (not so…) life drawings!

I mentioned that while researching pics for the chopper cycle in the Beano gig, I kept coming across pics of the bike with attractive women used to sell…

Minxing it up!

Here are the colors from the game in Beano this week. The cycle was a hoot to draw.

Strong arm of the law!

Here’s another companion of Red Rooster… Strong Boy!

Hate to Beano your bubble, Minnie!

Another puzzle/game for Beano this week. This time it has Minnie the Minx on a chopper styled bike. It was interesting researching this one, because my brother had…

They’re getting squirrelly in here!

This was a Japanese magazine girl I started drawing just for the practice, but then I was wondering how many characters are sporting jackets these days? I did…

Shocking what an Allegiance of baddies will do!

So Jackal Rabbit is the lady friend to this guy, the 4D Man; who has a shocking personality!

Well, boil my Beano and call me done!

Wilfred is having a hot time this week in Beano. The kid-bits from history include the fact people were boiled in hot oil. Well, that doesn’t sound very…

Midnight allegiance!

This is Midnight, from the Red Rooster comic out from Allegiance. As I said, it’s a period piece book, and it feels like it’s set in the late…

Oh this oil bath is going to feel so… ARGH, the pain!

A bit of historical trivia in Beano this week, and poor Wilfred gets the boiled for it!

Figure drawing is more like the SNL skit

No seriously, it is. I’ve said before, so many guys seem to expect a silly Hollywood version, where a super model shows up. When usually it’s a guy…

You gotta have an Allegiance of bad guys to fight!

Here is the untitled leader of the gang from Red Rooster, with the moll of the gang, Jackal-Rabbit.

Keep down the Menace, Dennis!

Here are the colors for the Dennis maze. As you can see, the yeti is brown, so I guess that makes this one a Bigfoot after all? Either…

Reeeeeed Rooster, yum!

This is a character from the comic Red Rooster being put out by the new company Allegiance. It’s a period piece, and has a nice “Rocketeer” feel to…

I’ve Yeti to meet a Beano I didn’t like

Here’s a peek at a puzzle I got to do for Beano, it involves a yeti librarian, or is it a Bigfoot?

Moley-moley- Mole Man needs a lil love!

I like the idea of the Mole Man, as he was one of the first villains I ever saw as a kid, which was in my Fantastic Four…

Psylocke psyche!

It is, aaaaand it isn’t. Took that normal figure drawing practice, and slapped a slightly altered Psylocke costume on the lady. She seemed a bit annoyed in the…

What a smurfing good Beano this week!

So here are the colors to the peek of the putt-putt course I showed earlier. There’s a smurfing good reference in it, plus a nice nod to Beany…