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Up, up, and a Beano!

The Beano this week was fun, not the others aren’t, but I got to do some cool angles.

It’s a Beano full day!

Here are some colors from my puzzle in the Beano this week.

Just three hairs and a Beano make a painting!

Can I get an extra order of Beano this week?

This week I also got to do a puzzle! Glad they send the solutions when I do these, I can never figure them out.

Beano little accidents make a happy painting!

Here’s the opening panel from the Rubi strip in Beano this week. If only there were an auto brush tool like this!

You gotta Beano up at the crack of dawn!

Plant those next to the Beano in the back!

He can Beano anything, in his world he’s a king!

The Colonel is fun to draw, because he reminds me of Commander McBragg from the  UnderDog/Tennessee Tuxedo cartoons; and (a little trivia for you) Comm. McBragg was  based…

Beano in concert ~ Live!

Not really. Remember the special guest I mentioned? It’s hard to see here, but no it isn’t anyone from Queen, AC/DC, or Guns n Roses… it’s me Dad….

It was the Colonel, in the Beano with the Gnomes!

Got to do a puzzle for this week’s Beano, and the best part about that is getting to draw other characters I don’t normally get a chance at….

An ear Beano will stick in your head all day!

I always wonder if anyone plays the notes I put down? Check back to see a very special guest star in this panel. 

I pity the fool who don’t read Beano !

The van must be parked outside?

I love it when a Beano comes together!

Pencils from this week’s Beano, with special guests!

Beano-idding war!

You get what you pay for. Buyer beware!

Sold it, on E- Beano!

Start your bidding now!

How do you solve a problem like a Beano?

See the math works out, proving squirrels are evil; don’t “@” me!

Beano solving some equations!

Pencils from upcoming Beano, hmmmm. What would Wile E Coyote do?

Beano is the most important meal of the day!

Colors of the panel for the Beano out today- see, told you it wasn’t the Pringles guy!

Beano on toast for breakfast?

Pencils of a panel from this week’s Beano. No, that isn’t the Pringles guy!

Murder She… did it! She got them all! Come on people, admit it!

Here’s the color version of yesterday’s post. Love ya, love ya, love ya!