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I’ll be seeing you, don’t know where, don’t know when-

This being my last dance with GI Joe, every shot of a character I wasn’t sure how long they’d be in the storyline became a good-bye. Most people…

Turtle wax on, turtle wax off

Again, playing with turtle poses and details.

Better one? Better Two?

Playing with the details, and getting a feel for the guy. More to come, plus late in the week, I’ll post a try-out page with a guest star!

Stick it to da man!

Another audition pic. More to come next week!

Lift with your legs, dude!

More from the audition files

Hero in a Half Shell!

It’s finally been announced that I’m doing the prequel series to the popular “Last Ronin”, and before that came audition images. I’m gonna post a few while I’m…

Hiyori Kon takes the silver!

I really hate Covid, because of all the things it’s causing me to miss. If I had known the subject of “Little Miss Sumo“, was going to be…

I’m sorry, I can’t do that, Dave.

Little Hal-9000 lens action going on in this panel, which I thought turned out ok. For me, that’s saying a lot.

Nothing excites you anymore?

The new BATs in Joe are a challenge, as they show no emotion; kind of like the Terminators. When they’re spitting fire, they at least look like they’re…

Is that Wagner I hear?

A special shout out to the Bionic Woman in this issue of Joe… wonder if anyone heard it?

Life drawing? Ok, once more with feeling.

This is the same model as the previous post, and this was the last pose of the night, which is usually a long (around 40 min.) I would…

Life drawing, in the flesh!

This young lady was tall, with wide shoulders, and built like a professional volleyball player. She was a good model, as she picked interesting poses that weren’t beyond…


Anyone that knows me is also aware that my wife and I have gotten into sumo wrestling over the pandemic. How, or why? I don’t know, but we…

Oh, you want to play, boy?

In this scene at the Cobra casino and resort, the bell hop uniform was supposed to be modeled after the Playboy club outfits from days past. I didn’t…

Guest starring~ Charo! (not really)

Most artists pick celebrities to reference for characters, as some Joe figures are obviously based on actors from the time they were designed, and even those that weren’t…

I’m a vampire- Blah, blah!

Here are the inks to the cover I did for American Myth’s “Fright Night” series. I tried to give it a slight “Witching Hour” DC comic feel.

Mandalorian, that bites

Meh. I enjoyed doing the shadows.   

Ignore the lighting… trust me, I’m a vampire!

Here are pencils for my cover to  American Myth’s “Fright Night” comic. Tune back in to see the inks later.

Bustin’ out all over

In a post from a long way back, I said I always saw GI Joe as the US version of the 00-agents in the Bond films; only with…

Slip sliding away

Now and then I do like the motion of a page, and as I said before I prefer things to feel more like a movie. That said, I…