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Smoke ’em if you got ’em… not!

Here’s a board for a “Smoke Free Teens” spot.

Our gang’s all here, like Beano in a pod!

Americans aren’t that familiar with the Beano, so when people ask me what I’m working on, and I tell them the Bash Street Kids, I end up having…

Last Tuesday with Moire!

Here are a couple of political mailer images, obviously about a certain type who wish they could turn back the clock on women’s rights. Those moire patterns are…

The colored past of Beano

No, I mean literally, in color now, and also available on line thru the app!

It’s a long way to Beano really!

OK, that reference to Tipperary is a bit strained, but still. The script asked that the colors on the Victorian outfits should be a bit drab, but I…

It was the Beano of times, it was the worst of times.

I got to do a joke page for this week’s Beano, and it’s also a historical gag. Fatty just had to be the Dom Deluise emperor from History…

Oh! I do like to Beano by the seaside!

This strip had a great title, “Party like it’s 1899”. What a hoot. 

Retro style

Going back to “style” as a concept, here’s an example of what I meant. When designing mascots, you’re really just exploring different styles a character would be done…

Beano looking high and below!

The colors for my Dennis activity page! I made references to some films like Ghostbusters, and one that should be easy to get… find “it”?

Beano rough week so far!

Looks like it’s been a rough week for Smiffy!

Beano looking for Dennis the Meance… the U.K. one!

I got to do a Dennis activity for this week’s Beano, but he’s practically not in it! Here’s a clip.

Moshed Beanos!

Another shot you have to do at some point with the Bash Street Kids is them piling up on each other like a scrum!

How you feeling? Sporting a different style?

People often say that the way they draw is a style, but I don’t agree with that. I think a style is something you choose, and you are…

Switching events around, event renderings anyway.

Some of my commercial work are event renderings, which is basically a drawing to show clients what a show might look like. Usually they’re to launch a product,…

Beano feeling like a wizard!

Here are the colors for that BSK image from earlier. The skull is actually a couple of Easter eggs in one. Since this story has magic in it,…

Mining the resources… of storyboards.

Here is a storyboard for a campaign against oil dependency, which was supposed to be an animated spot that felt a bit like an old School House Rock…

Beano cast into a mythical world!

As in some previous posts, this is another case where the script was a giant thumbnail; something you can see more at the top. It’s helpful because the…

Another watercolor sketch

I think this is the same girl as before, but my poor drawing might not make that clear. I was more focused on trying to capture the shadow…

One last piece of trash, I mean… recycling.

Here is the last set of storyboards from the recycling campaign.

It’s a mad Bash to the Beano!

Here are the colors for the BSK group run. I have to say the drool on Danny’s mouth is part of the story, and he’s not coming down…