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Gray skies …

Filled that tan paper sketchbook, so got a gray one. Here’s first sketch, in regular graphite, and about a 10 min. pose.

Who can stop the rain?

Who cares? Stay indoors and read a Beano! I often just enjoy a panel for a single pose that comes out the way I wanted, or even stuff…

What the…?

Remember when I started this arc, that I said the model made some odd choices? Keep in mind, the last pose of the night is 50 min., the…

Summer break? Read a Beano!

I like crowd shots (most of the time) because it allows me to sneak in other characters. Here are a couple of guys from my days on Tricky,…

Still blue (lead) after all this time

Back to the blue, but I got a bit carried away in the texture department— sorry.

Red lead, red rover, send red lead on over

See, like I mentioned a few posts ago, this is a very common pose. I think it has more to do with the stand being up against the…

Beano there, done that, hope to do it again!

I love drawing Banana Man– he’s a riot. I’ve only gotten to include him a couple of times, but I enjoy every chance I get. I’ve have a default…

I accept that challenge!

Recently Nate Cosby @NateCosBOOM over at BOOM comics, posted this… Well fine then, here you go…

Here a Beano, there a Beano, everywhere…

What’s funny to me about Beano is that, like GI Joe, there’s about a 100 side characters. Guess that’s what you end up with after publishing a comic…

Well look at that–

I liked this pose, but I never got the head right… ce la vie. I’ve said it before, not everything can be the Mona Lisa. 

Whew, they aired it out

Another recent drawing session for review, and thankfully it had aired out since that stinky guy had been there! Here are some quick sketches to start things off….

Do they know it’s the 4th in Beano?

Probably, but… it is the UK. Another panel I liked.

Red, white, and blue… leads.

In honor of the 4th, here are a couple of sketches from that recent session where the new model was so good, but the fellow artist stank so…

Bot take over in Beano

As always, I love to add eggs. Here there are actually four! Any guesses?

That’s a kick to the head – #CobraKai

I’ll explain more about this later, but for now… sweep the leg!

She wore blue… lead

Yep, I still like the blue lead, maybe because it’s easier to see on the paper in the low lighting of the gallery? Meh, doesn’t matter. Here’s another…

A big boom in Beano!

Sometimes the simple panels are the most fun

Pinky posed almost akimbo

Ehhhh— sit on it. OK, all of that is only moderately funny, and even then… only if you’re old. Any-hoo— more red lead drawings with that new model….

Rubi makes a lot of gadgets in Beano

Rubi makes a lot of stuff

Even a good session, with a new model — can stink!

New model, and she was really good, except there was one guy in the session who hadn’t had a bath— in a while. WhOaH! When you force a…