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Beano balm?

A little support gig on the Bash Street Kids in this week’s Beano; involving spy techniques and lip balm! You’ll have to check out the issue to find…

You’re the Beano around, nuthin’s ever gonna keep you down!

Helping out on a Beano puzzle this week, starring the Bash Street Kids. It’s one of those where I send in way more art than they need, then…

Don’t forget to leave Santa a plate of Beano

Comics that is. What says Christmas more than pranking Santa? Ok, maybe that says Beano more than anything. Happy Holidays! From the recent Hanukkah, Christmas, to the upcoming…

Beano seeing double?

Nope, it’s taken out of context! These are two extra poses of Mandi that should be in the Beano Christmas issue (someplace). The snowman is actually a combination…

The Beano-sit gift of all…

Is filled with tons of non-biodegradable glitter! No, no it’s not. The real present on the Beano Christmas issue (which should have been out for a couple weeks…

Hunka Hunka Beano luv

Kind of fitting that my last week of work on Beano (for now) includes a character that’s heavily based on the King. Uh-huh-uh-huh!

Just a little Beano off the sides, please

Beano Boss this week had some crazy hair going on. Kid was a riot to draw.

Where you Beano?

I did a puzzle for this week’s issue, sort of a “Where’s Waldo”, but I think this was my favorite bit.

Beano a move!

This week will be the last regular Beano stuff from me for a while. I did do some Christmas stuff, so look for that in the holiday issue….

Always have good Beano-manship

I read recently that students were complaining about having a hard time reading the hand written text in Batman:Year One in a comic art class. I’ve read articles…

Beano getting your roughage?

The family goes to the grocery this week, but there’s only so many shades of green.

A Toots timer on the Prank Academy set!

Ok, so if you “tooned”in on Tuesday, you would know that this payoff panel with Toots wasn’t the original end to this week’s Prank Academy.Originally, Hari was enjoying…

Big Beano!

This week’s boss, had some Bart hair going on, and that watch looked like Big Ben on his wrist, it was so big!

Like Beano to my ears

A panel that speaks for itself.

Beano vu!

Not saying that we may repeat certain pranks, but if we did, I might give a clue to when we did it before. Additionally, this prank had an…

Beano it like Beckham!

I like the tooth. Take that pole!

Beano butter ’em up!

If extra butter is good enough for French cooking, then who am I to argue? 

When Beano met (unofficial) Doraemon

When the kids send in pics to be tossed into a Beano, a lot of them have branded clothes, so I try to sneak the stuff in, but…

Beano, it’s me Margaret

It’s a small panel, with a lot of dialogue to be placed in. Hope I left enough room for the words, and still established where everything was going…

Oompa Loompa Beano Dee Do

The Beano Boss got to play dress up, so did some of the kids. Of course that meant I had to make Pie Face dress up as another…