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Fill it up to the Beano

Again, trying to keep things consistent. One way to do that- have everyone live in a house with the same floor plan, same interior decorations, and furniture. The…

Kicking the old Beano around

Lot of soccer/football fans in the UK… a lot.

What in the Beano is it?

As mentioned previously, I try to keep details consistent from issue to issue. One nice thing about the Har-Har strip was they had model sheets of the shop…

One Beano Perspective

The Prank Academy this required some odd angles. It’s hard enough to get a likeness in a normal view, how’d I do? 

This Island Beano

Had to put an alien in this issue, so I decided to mix and match some classic sci-fi references. The head is from the mutants of “This Island…


The Boss had a shirt with type on it in the references, but I tried to make it a little easier to keep consistent. Emoji for the win. 

Spider Beano, Spider Beano!

Yeah, not really climbing the wall like a mutated hero, but what the heck.

Nailed the colors on this Dandy!

More colors from my first Jock and Geordies strip. I didn’t know it before, but I’m doing two more stories of them for the Dandy 2022 annual, so…

What a Beano idea!

It’s odd how even clichés used in comics, cartoons, and animation, has to change with the shift in technology. The classic “idea bulb” over the head, went from…

Hurt so much – saw Dandy ole stars!

From one of my Jock and Geordies story in the Dandy 2022 annual!

Old Beano

Boss this week reminded me of a childhood friend, who has similarly bright red hair. I always liked it because it was different from everyone else’s. This is…

Resting Beano Face

I guess I’m a dork, but it’s the subtle stuff I enjoy the most. I love the shade being cast.

In like a wrecking Beano!

As earlier in the week, you can’t show the cast in a way that seems inappropriate. That said, it’s amazing how secure skirts are in Beanotown. I will…

Jocks & Geordies Dandy in color!

Here are the title and the panel from page 01 of my Jocks and Geordies story in this year’s annual. It was a challenge to make sure I…

Beano brand loyalty

I showed this brand parody a few weeks ago, and we ended up doing another ice cream based gag. I like to try and keep details consistent, from…

Oh Snap! You Beano yatch!

One of my favorite panels in a while. Yeah, it’s simple, but I like it anyway.

Stop a Beano cold, make the Axis fold

Beano Boss was a Wonder Woman fan this week- good on her!

Staging is a real Beano

For this Boss strip, there was a panel where all the kids have their shoes tied together, causing them to fall as group. It’s a kid book, so…

It’s falling Dandy around me!

More pencils from my Jock and Geordies work in the Dandy 2022 annual! 

Whiz comics – Beano style!

Ha! See what I did there? If not, you’re not old enough. If you did… you’re old.