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Beano in concert ~ Live!

Not really. Remember the special guest I mentioned? It’s hard to see here, but no it isn’t anyone from Queen, AC/DC, or Guns n Roses… it’s me Dad….

An ear Beano will stick in your head all day!

I always wonder if anyone plays the notes I put down? Check back to see a very special guest star in this panel. 

I pity the fool who don’t read Beano !

The van must be parked outside?

I love it when a Beano comes together!

Pencils from this week’s Beano, with special guests!

Beano-idding war!

You get what you pay for. Buyer beware!

Sold it, on E- Beano!

Start your bidding now!

How do you solve a problem like a Beano?

See the math works out, proving squirrels are evil; don’t “@” me!

Beano solving some equations!

Pencils from upcoming Beano, hmmmm. What would Wile E Coyote do?

Beano is the most important meal of the day!

Colors of the panel for the Beano out today- see, told you it wasn’t the Pringles guy!

Beano on toast for breakfast?

Pencils of a panel from this week’s Beano. No, that isn’t the Pringles guy!

Beano day out, and we’ve forgotten the crackers!

A lot of my invention designs are obviously influenced by Wallace & Gromit.

The Love Beano – soon will be making another run!

Sometimes you get to have a ton of guest stars in a panel, like this great 70s hit.

Beano ok run so far!

Wasn’t bad. Here are the colors from yesterday’s panel. Check out the issue, hitting stands today!

Beano around the world and I…I…I… can’t find my Beano!

Little Lisa Stansfield reference there… dating myself aren’t I? Here’s a panel from this week’s Beano, guest starring Billy Whiz!

Beano shaking off the blues

I was going to make a “Shake it”–Taylor Swift reference, but I’m too old to get away with that. Sometimes I like to break the fourth wall, or…

Beano dreaming the night away!

Here’s a panel from this week’s Beano! A little nod to a couple of British icons in this strip. Teddy Potter is a hybrid Easter egg!

Just Beano monkeying around!

Sometimes a panel gives you a chance to play around. This one was a chance to do some lighting effects… worked out ok. Check out this week’s Beano…