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On Beano mark, get set…

Penciled panel from tomorrow’s issue.

Bogeys the size of a Beano!

I don’t get to draw BananaMan very often, so of course one chance I get… he’s covered in snot! Oh well. Here he is from an upcoming Beano!

2019 stunk, like baked Beano in a bucket!

No seriously, 2019 will not go down as a good one in my book. No sir, I didn’t like it! On the upside, here’s a panel from an…

There must have Beano some magic in that old silk hat they found!

Coming soon in a new Beano… it sure ain’t your momma’s Frosty the snowman!

The Beano Christmas dinner was a blast!

The Christmas issue drops today, and remember my US peeps, you can get Beano in the colonies thru their app!

Pee-Wee’s Beano Adventure!

A lot of my Easter eggs are more for me than anyone else; ok, and maybe the parents who pick up the issues now and then. This week’s…

Beano kicking myself over this!

This week’s Beano took a bit of extra effort, so I hope you all think it was worth it. I of course will be punching Danny when I…

Beano down and dirty!

I got to do another joke page for this week’s Beano. Here’s a side gag I added, but I think the editors hated it. Oh well.

Beano washing up lately?

Told you guys that kitchen would show up again! There are bunch of “Easter eggs” in this week’s strip. There are even some in just this panel, but…

Ex-Flatulate! Ex-Flatulate! from all the Beano!

UK fans know that Beano is the near-century running kids comic, but in the US Beano is the name of an anti-gas pill! For now, here is how…

Aww Ruuuu-uuubi don’t take your love to Beano-town!

Here are some extra bits I got to do in this week’s Beano. There’s also a joke strip featuring our lovely lady scientist that I’ll post behind the…

Beano looking for the answers everywhere

I try to “echo” details from previous strips, such as places the characters frequent. This kitchen comes up fairly often in Rubi, but if you follow my Beano…

It’s a hairy scary day in the Beano~ again!

OK, it’s not really a Halloween strip, but here are the pencils, and final version of a panel from this week’s strip!

Pumpkin Beano Spiced!

The spooky edition of Beano comes out today! Get your thrills, and grab a copy! Hey colonials! Remember you can subscribe to the app to get your Beano…

Beano there, Beano’d that… again!

There may be something repetitive about seeing the pencils, and then the final version of a panel. This week’s strip will make that feel even more the case….

This Beano bath is going to feel so good!

Hope his parts aren’t almost frozen! And here are the colors from this week’s strip!

It’s all Beano cleaned up, ma!

Why do I do it? The script reads simply enough, and shouldn’t take forever to do, but I still seem to find ways of making it overly complicated….


I’m going with a new weekly format for a while, by only doing one post a week about Beano. I’m still going to show off the pencils, and…

Count every little Beano

Historian I am not, but I do try to get details right. I’m sure there are a ton of mistakes in these… but don’t @ me… it curdles…

Napoleon Beano-part

There’s a show in the UK called “Horrible Histories” which I’m sure can be found online someplace. They teach facts from history thru comedy skits… sort of. I’ve…