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This Beano bath is going to feel so good!

Hope his parts aren’t almost frozen! And here are the colors from this week’s strip!

It’s all Beano cleaned up, ma!

Why do I do it? The script reads simply enough, and shouldn’t take forever to do, but I still seem to find ways of making it overly complicated….


I’m going with a new weekly format for a while, by only doing one post a week about Beano. I’m still going to show off the pencils, and…

Count every little Beano

Historian I am not, but I do try to get details right. I’m sure there are a ton of mistakes in these… but don’t @ me… it curdles…

Napoleon Beano-part

There’s a show in the UK called “Horrible Histories” which I’m sure can be found online someplace. They teach facts from history thru comedy skits… sort of. I’ve…

Who can stop the rain?

Who cares? Stay indoors and read a Beano! I often just enjoy a panel for a single pose that comes out the way I wanted, or even stuff…

Summer break? Read a Beano!

I like crowd shots (most of the time) because it allows me to sneak in other characters. Here are a couple of guys from my days on Tricky,…

Beano there, done that, hope to do it again!

I love drawing Banana Man– he’s a riot. I’ve only gotten to include him a couple of times, but I enjoy every chance I get. I’ve have a default…

Here a Beano, there a Beano, everywhere…

What’s funny to me about Beano is that, like GI Joe, there’s about a 100 side characters. Guess that’s what you end up with after publishing a comic…

Do they know it’s the 4th in Beano?

Probably, but… it is the UK. Another panel I liked.

Bot take over in Beano

As always, I love to add eggs. Here there are actually four! Any guesses?

A big boom in Beano!

Sometimes the simple panels are the most fun

Rubi makes a lot of gadgets in Beano

Rubi makes a lot of stuff

Beano blast off!

Beano drops tomorrow with a story called “Blast off” by Danny Pearson! Here’s a sneak~ Catch the Easter Egg? Pretty obvious, I know.

What you Bean-o up to?

I’m mostly known for GI Joe:Real American Hero, and other IDW titles, but I’ve also been a contributor to the kids magazine Beano in the U.K. for almost…