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Who can stop the rain?

Who cares? Stay indoors and read a Beano! I often just enjoy a panel for a single pose that comes out the way I wanted, or even stuff…

Summer break? Read a Beano!

I like crowd shots (most of the time) because it allows me to sneak in other characters. Here are a couple of guys from my days on Tricky,…

Beano there, done that, hope to do it again!

I love drawing Banana Man– he’s a riot. I’ve only gotten to include him a couple of times, but I enjoy every chance I get. I’ve have a default…

Here a Beano, there a Beano, everywhere…

What’s funny to me about Beano is that, like GI Joe, there’s about a 100 side characters. Guess that’s what you end up with after publishing a comic…

Do they know it’s the 4th in Beano?

Probably, but… it is the UK. Another panel I liked.

Bot take over in Beano

As always, I love to add eggs. Here there are actually four! Any guesses?

A big boom in Beano!

Sometimes the simple panels are the most fun

Rubi makes a lot of gadgets in Beano

Rubi makes a lot of stuff

Beano blast off!

Beano drops tomorrow with a story called “Blast off” by Danny Pearson! Here’s a sneak~ Catch the Easter Egg? Pretty obvious, I know.

What you Bean-o up to?

I’m mostly known for GI Joe:Real American Hero, and other IDW titles, but I’ve also been a contributor to the kids magazine Beano in the U.K. for almost…