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Sketching out my back

…and practicing my chops. Every artist I know has back problems… eventually. Yes, I’m that old. I draw an attractive girl in a hoodie, and all I can…

Figure that?

More pose file drapery studies, and hair… can’t get that right. Ugh.

Figure drawing is more like the SNL skit

No seriously, it is. I’ve said before, so many guys seem to expect a silly Hollywood version, where a super model shows up. When usually it’s a guy…

Psylocke psyche!

It is, aaaaand it isn’t. Took that normal figure drawing practice, and slapped a slightly altered Psylocke costume on the lady. She seemed a bit annoyed in the…

More non-figure drawing, figure drawing.

Back to sketching from photos, and for this I tried to get a little more intimate in terms of space. Often with figure drawing I’ll keep back, like…

April Coming to a Close (WARNING:BITS!)

To make up for missing a post on Monday, here’s a double whammy; actually these are two weeks worth of model sessions. We had the same woman both times,…

April showers bring… (Bits Warning)

Latest figure drawing sessions A few gesture poses… Then a 10 min. pose— Lastly some 20 min. renderings—

Feb Figs— Warning: Contains bits!

More life drawing… yadda, yadda. Weird how the scanner read the white chalk over pencil as a blue. I’m too lazy to color correct, so live with it.