No seriously, it is.

I’ve said before, so many guys seem to expect a silly Hollywood version, where a super model shows up. When usually it’s a guy like Will Ferrel in the SNL skit (Google it, it’s a riot). Models are all shapes, sizes, and ages. You can tell someone has only drawn super heroes, when they try to render out a normal sized person, someone older, or a plus sized figure. Plus sized people get the worst treatment, and usually the drawings are more ridicule than render. I always feel for people who are brave enough to post images of themselves in costumes that are usually expected to be seen on a human coat hanger with implants.

Recently, there was a Twitter post of a Maid Cafe in Japan that had an all plus sized, staff. The ladies looked so damn happy, and cute. Drawing full figured people is a challenge, and I wanted to capture the kawaii nature of the ladies… I hope I did her justice.