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Minxing it up!

Here are the colors from the game in Beano this week. The cycle was a hoot to draw.

Hate to Beano your bubble, Minnie!

Another puzzle/game for Beano this week. This time it has Minnie the Minx on a chopper styled bike. It was interesting researching this one, because my brother had…

Beano looking for Dennis the Meance… the U.K. one!

I got to do a Dennis activity for this week’s Beano, but he’s practically not in it! Here’s a clip.

A Beano reaction, spells danger!

Dennis performs an experiment in this activity, and he’s supposed to have a lab coat on for it. They wanted it to be something that looked Dennis-like. I…

Danger! Beano at work!

Another character I rarely get to draw is Dennis, and although fun, I actually like Gnasher the most of the two. I conned my way into including him…