The editor reader strip in Beano this week has a parody of a TARDIS, based on a classic British phone booth (ala Inspector SpaceTime on the TV show “Community”). When I was a kid, my dad bought one, and had it shipped over from the U.K., where it stands in our drive way. Apparently, drivers use it as a reference point, and the neighborhood kids stand in it during the rain, while waiting for the school bus. Anyway, in this week’s strip it’s an invention of Rubi’s and I made up an acronym for it based on her name. Any guesses? I was going to add a “T” at the end, but decided that wasn’t really necessary. My answer is below…

I decided it stands for —






If I had added a “T”, that would have stood for “and Time”, but then it spells RUBIST. That sounded too much like the name of an early 20th century, art movement to me, so I dropped it.