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This Island Beano

Had to put an alien in this issue, so I decided to mix and match some classic sci-fi references. The head is from the mutants of “This Island…

What a Beano idea!

It’s odd how even clichés used in comics, cartoons, and animation, has to change with the shift in technology. The classic “idea bulb” over the head, went from…

Oh Snap! You Beano yatch!

One of my favorite panels in a while. Yeah, it’s simple, but I like it anyway.

A lil’ B.I.Y. – Beano It Yourself

The kids build a shelf in this week’s issue, but as I’ve mentioned, I try to draw the series more like a comic book, than a strip. That…

Who Beano’d footprints on my clean floor?

The main strip this week is all about cleaning a floor. Call me crazy, I spent more time on this panel just trying to make the foot traffic…

Sneaky lil’ Beano ain’t she?

In the Har-Har strip this week, the older sister tries to sneak around. I’m curious as to when/how this pose became synonymous with being sneaky? I know it…

Ready for my close up Mr. Beano

Wonder if kids will even know what dad is using?  It’s a weird time in tech history.

Head over Beano in love!

The older sister thinking about a dream boat. An odd thing to consider- does it float? Will it sink? Who knows.

Out like a Beano

The older sister in the Har-Har strip always frustrates me, don’t know why. She’s supposed to be about 13, but trying to dress older, which is a subtle,…

Don’t rock the Beano, don’t tip the Beano over!

I had a rare multi-page story, which couldn’t come at a busier time. I did get to draw some row boats, that were, well- there they were.

Beano getting some face time

In this week’s strip there was a challenge to show a character on a video chat, while also showing the people who were holding the phone, and in…

Beano gardening so long I’m seeing things!

I’m always caught between the decision of how to show a mouth as it is here on the mom. You could never get away with this in a…

Cross your Beano and dot your eyes!

I’ve heard that a lot of kids aren’t being taught cursive anymore, so I worry when I do hand written signs in the Beano. I try to make…

Butter that Beano

Panel from this week’s Har-Har strip in the Beano. A rare time we see the alley behind the Har-Har shop/flat. Can you guess which gate is theirs? Plus,…

Beano magical mystery tour

This week’s Beano Boss was proud as pink!Beano

Our product placement has Beano tricky

If you can make parody reference to your wife’s favorite confectionary, you better do it. 

Beano picking on your sister?

Here are the colors for yesterday’s image, but see the whole strip in this week’s Beano.

Beano rough audience

Siblings get no respect, I tell ya!

He’s Beano doing Dr. Who references again!

Yep! If I can ever sneak one in… I will!

Beano & Spensers

Usually when I draw a strip, I reference products found in Marks & Spensers, but I’ll change their logo from “M&S” to “N&T” or “L&R”. This week I…