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Beano a move!

This week will be the last regular Beano stuff from me for a while. I did do some Christmas stuff, so look for that in the holiday issue….

Beano getting your roughage?

The family goes to the grocery this week, but there’s only so many shades of green.

A Toots timer on the Prank Academy set!

Ok, so if you “tooned”in on Tuesday, you would know that this payoff panel with Toots wasn’t the original end to this week’s Prank Academy.Originally, Hari was enjoying…

Like Beano to my ears

A panel that speaks for itself.

Beano, it’s me Margaret

It’s a small panel, with a lot of dialogue to be placed in. Hope I left enough room for the words, and still established where everything was going…

Diwali has Beano blast!

Ok, Diwali isn’t actually until tomorrow, but in today’s Beano the Har-Har family explains a bit about the holiday. I learned a lot, perhaps you will too?

Turn right at the Beano

Just an odd shot of Hani leaving his bedroom, and plotters waiting in the wings.

Beano eyed view

In comics it’s normally called a “bird’s eye view”, but in this week’s strip, it was a “how to show three things going on at once” view.

Not to be used as a Beano

The script asked for a stool. Did I listen? No, I had to make it more complicated for myself. I went with a ladder. D’oh!

Get this walking Beano out of my way!

The Har-Har kids are dressed up as a mad scientist, and a wookie. Essentially, that’s big foot, with a bandolier– let’s be honest.

All the Beano is waiting for you!

There is a lot of Wonder Woman referencing going on in Beano, and I don’t mind. If anyone would dress as the Amazon princess, it would be JJ….

Beano fever, Beano fever, we know how to do it

Motion in a still image is always a challenge, and here I trying to show a spin move; like when Wonder Woman changes. I hope the flowing feather…

Beano lifting

Why do people always want to strike up a conversation with you when you’re doing heavy lifting?  I should have added some “pain stars” shooting out of Hari’s…

Everything old is Beano again

This week in the Har-Har strip there’s reference to a laugh box, which is an old joke prop. I had one when I was a little kid, but…

What in the Beano is it?

As mentioned previously, I try to keep details consistent from issue to issue. One nice thing about the Har-Har strip was they had model sheets of the shop…

This Island Beano

Had to put an alien in this issue, so I decided to mix and match some classic sci-fi references. The head is from the mutants of “This Island…

What a Beano idea!

It’s odd how even clichés used in comics, cartoons, and animation, has to change with the shift in technology. The classic “idea bulb” over the head, went from…

Oh Snap! You Beano yatch!

One of my favorite panels in a while. Yeah, it’s simple, but I like it anyway.

A lil’ B.I.Y. – Beano It Yourself

The kids build a shelf in this week’s issue, but as I’ve mentioned, I try to draw the series more like a comic book, than a strip. That…

Who Beano’d footprints on my clean floor?

The main strip this week is all about cleaning a floor. Call me crazy, I spent more time on this panel just trying to make the foot traffic…