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Slippery as Silk

More sketches for the heck of it…

Spidey Gwen, Spidey Gwen—

Let’s end the week with some Spider-Gwen And like the Joe sketches, this character sketch is available for purchase. Just reach out to me via my website!

Maybe it’s just a migraine?

Maybe its Spider-sense? Maybe it’s Maybelline?     And don’t forget, I’ll be at Baltimore Con at the end of this month! Drop by the Kids Corner to…

Silk-y smooth with a hint of webbing

Also up for grabs at Baltimore Con.

Don’t Mock(ingbird) me!

Another sketch that will be available at Baltimore Con!

Baltimore Con 2018 (Sep 28-30)

Hey gang, I’ll be at Baltimore Con in the Kids Korner, sitting next to Brian Shearer! You don’t have to be a kid to come by, and say…

Marvel Adventures : Avengers Comixology SALE!

If any of you want to see some of the early stuff I did for Marvel, head over to Comixology for their digital Marvel All Ages Sale! The arc…

Old try outs~

Here are samples I did years ago when I had the opportunity to work on Marvel Adventures:The Avengers— their kid line at the time. It was a fun, frustrating, but…

Another Supreme being.

Hyperion this time.

Supreme being…

The Squadron’s Thundra, anyway.

Woman of Mystery… eh, Mystique