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Beano ware of what’s under your seat!

Sometimes the bark is worse than the bite, as this week’s Prank Academy shows us all.

More Beano, Mr. Taggert?

For once the Prank Academy fits the US definition of Beano.

The Beano-sit gift of all…

Is filled with tons of non-biodegradable glitter! No, no it’s not. The real present on the Beano Christmas issue (which should have been out for a couple weeks…

You Beano bugging me!

An oldie, but a goodie.

It’s all Beano’d up!

Like my off-brand dessert mix? Plus a little shout out to Julia Child with the mixing bowl ring. Companies don’t make them that way anymore. Bought some recently…

A Toots timer on the Prank Academy set!

Ok, so if you “tooned”in on Tuesday, you would know that this payoff panel with Toots wasn’t the original end to this week’s Prank Academy.Originally, Hari was enjoying…

Beano vu!

Not saying that we may repeat certain pranks, but if we did, I might give a clue to when we did it before. Additionally, this prank had an…

Wolves Beano

I got to toss Tricky into a panel, and so I swipe– er, paid homage to a costume design from Jack Davis’ work on the Mad Monster Party.

Fill it up to the Beano

Again, trying to keep things consistent. One way to do that- have everyone live in a house with the same floor plan, same interior decorations, and furniture. The…

Resting Beano Face

I guess I’m a dork, but it’s the subtle stuff I enjoy the most. I love the shade being cast.

Beano brand loyalty

I showed this brand parody a few weeks ago, and we ended up doing another ice cream based gag. I like to try and keep details consistent, from…

Beano Kitchen Safety

For the prank this week I tossed in a little lesson on knife skills… yes, I watch too many reruns of Julia Child. 

Hair, Hair, Beano-ful Hair!

The Beano Boss this week had some great hair; which I didn’t do justice.

Out like a Beano

The older sister in the Har-Har strip always frustrates me, don’t know why. She’s supposed to be about 13, but trying to dress older, which is a subtle,…

Our product placement has Beano tricky

If you can make parody reference to your wife’s favorite confectionary, you better do it. 

Beano & Spensers

Usually when I draw a strip, I reference products found in Marks & Spensers, but I’ll change their logo from “M&S” to “N&T” or “L&R”. This week I…

Beano biscuit

No sir, I didn’t like it.

Beano dirty trick!

Prank Academy is always a challenge, because the set up is often the same. Usually requiring the kid to grab something, from the bedroom of the person they…