Here are some sketches from a recent life drawing session, and yes, I’m still doing my usual process. I did branch out though with a shot at doing a portrait. I thought this model had something about her that reminded me of Jenna Coleman from Doctor Who. Poor girl, it was her first time ever modeling for a life drawing class. I thought she did a great job, and I hope to get the chance to draw her again… when she’s a little more comfortable.

Couple of 2 min. sketches


Think this was a 20 min.


She was really good, but a lot of the time she faced one side of the room, opposite of me. I asked her to pose facing my side of the room during a break, so I could attempt this portrait. I’ve been attending life drawing for almost 25 years, starting with art school, and I still feel like a creeper when I talk to the models. Oh well.


So of course, this was my view for the next, and last pose, of the night.