Remember the neat box that used to be in the top left corner of every comic cover, they are no more. IDW has dropped them in favor of a simple stamp. I had drawn up a couple of new versions of it for the GIJ covers, with the intent of switching it out more often. We were all ready to move forward, when the powers that be killed the box. ::::Sigh::: I did a full color one of Stalker a long time ago, but they never used it; I’m guessing it was too busy. I also designed one for Roadblock, which went all the way to inks, but apparently this was as far as the Spirit one got, sorry guys. Here’s a scan of the paper the sketches were on, and it was the same page I did the thumbnail for the cover wrap of issue 225. Later this week I’ll be posting the full color Stalker, and the inked Roadblock, cover boxes. For now, enjoy this!