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Spearhead -ing the idea of more GIJoe sketches!

I didn’t get to draw all the Joes while on the book, and there’s certainly a lot of them. I like the guys with animal sidekicks (don’t call…

It’s a Bazooka, Joe!

Often ridiculed, rarely loved… Bazooka!

Wait. Dude is their accountant? What-ev!

Yes, the infamous COBRA accountant, Raptor. I wonder if he can deduct those feathers?

Shock(Wave) the monkey!

OK, so I like classic Peter Gabriel, sue me; just don’t “@” me. A little FireF… er, uh, Shockwave, from GIJoe!

Up from the depths— and beyond!

That’s not a mixed metaphor, correct? This was the loose initial sketch.And here is the tight drawing, with context. Man Shipwreck can be a jerk.

Temporary re-enlistment

If you hit the shops, or go online, for comics today, check out my guest issue of GI Joe: Real American Hero #263! Paying a little love to…

Once a Joe, always a Joe!

With the end of Sgt. Slaughter week (this should be an official tradition IMO), let us end here on a high note; which would be… YO!

Sgt. Slaughter is not amused with my pathetic drawings!

At least that’s what I’d expect him to say. I was on the GI Joe comics in some form for about 7 years. Sadly, the good Sgt. was…

It’s Sgt Slaughter week— you maggots!

Sgt. Slaughter the wrestling icon, and part time GI Joe character, was at the recent show in DC. I did a bunch of sketches of him, and drawings…

Mo’ Joe! Red Dog of GIJoe:RealAmericanHero

Come on, he’s a surfer- admit it. If I haven’t made it clear, these Joe character sketches are available for purchase; just reach out to me via my…

Mo’ Joe!

More GI Joe sketches… Outback

GIJoe: Real American Hero #245 – Preview

As you may know 245 is my last issue of Real American Hero, and it hit stands on Wednesday. To further encourage people to check it out, here is…

Adios Joe!

Today my last issue of GI Joe : Real American Hero hits the stands. Here are the pencils for the cover from issue 245.

GIJoe RAH i244 Pencil Preview

I’m at Baltimore Comic Con this weekend, so if you’re in the area- drop by, grab some comics, and say hi! For now, here’s a 3 page preview…

GIJ:RAH i244 Cover Pencils

UPDATE: I stand corrected, the issue doesn’t drop until next week, but tune in on Friday to see a three page pencil preview! We’re closing in on the…

GIJoe Real American Hero i243 interior pencils!

Hits the stands today! Yo Joe!  

GIJoe Real American Hero i243 Cover Pencils

Here are the pencils to the cover for i243 that comes out on Wednesday (Aug 30)! Check back that morning for a preview of the book, in graphite form!…

GIJoe : Real American Hero i242 preview pencils!

Here are the first three pages from i242 in their purest pencils form!    

GIJoe : Real American Hero i242 Cover Pencils

Here are the pencils to the cover of the issue dropping today! Tune in on Friday for a look at the first three pages from this issue in…

Thursday Special! GI Joe #241 cover pencils

Yeah, I forgot. Here are the cover pencils to yesterday’s release.