I had a really wild time with this drawing session. Not only was this the bravest model I’ve ever seen, but the poses were rapid fire challenges. I was amazed at how she held 20 min poses that most people wouldn’t try for 5 min! She was a first for me, and not even for the reasons above… see if you can guess why?

These were 2 min poses she did… That may not seem like much, but stand on one leg, or flip over and hold your legs out like she did the bottom right one, and tell me then that 2 min isn’t a long time. Apparently she does yoga 3 times a day! Even my fat butt doesn’t always eat 3 times a day, I can’t imagine doing yoga that often, but it pays off when posing!


5 min.


5 min.


20 min. — She was one of the few models I’ve ever had use props. This was fun, it was lace veil/scarf she had.


20 min.


25 min. — She held this mirror in front of her for 25 min. It looks here like it was resting on her hip, but it wasn’t.


So have you guessed? It surprised me, because when she stepped up on the platform to pose, there were too many bits to draw. This was my first “transitional” model, changing from male over to female. She was brilliant, she just got up there and said BAM! Draw me! Honestly she was one of the best models I’ve ever had. It was interesting to see how her structure was obviously male in areas, like the shape of her hips, shoulders, and how her legs were built. She moved like a woman, extremely graceful, but now and then she would strike an intense pose that was not only aggressive, but showed her remaining masculinity. It was a great time for drawing, because it made you think more about what you were putting on paper. You couldn’t fall back on “Oh a woman is shaped like this”, because that wasn’t the case. I can’t wait to draw her again.