All new month of “Bits” for you to enjoy, and here’s the first installment!

A 5 min. sketch—


a couple of 10 min. poses—Fig_Sketch_06_01_16_02



Now you might not know why there’s blue there, if you don’t, it’s used by artists to do an under sketch, but when you scan things on a black and white setting, the blue drops out, and only captures the black of a pencil…

Fig_Sketch_06_01_16_01A Fig_Sketch_06_01_16_02A

It’s a little short cut, especially for comic artists, but only one I’ve recently started using. You might have seen the effect on the manga sketches I did earlier.

The problem is, it really only works in that set up. When you want to scan something with color where you’ve done an underdrawing in blue, you still get the blue. It’s less apparent, and in some ways, adds a cool effect. Maybe, a lil spooky, but still cool.

Fig_Sketch_06_01_16_03 Fig_Sketch_06_01_16_04 Fig_Sketch_06_01_16_05