Hope you all had a great President’s Day! We took the day off, and spent it with the wife. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming. Well, as much as a lazy guy like me can stay on schedule!

This is from the previous Dr. Sketchy event, and the same belly dancer as before. This was her last pose, and the longest, which may be apparent since she’s in a position easier to hold for 30 min. Again, she did a great job for her first time out.

As you all know by now, I’m involved with the Skyward Kickstarter , and IT MET THE GOAL! As above- HOT DIGGITY DAMN!

BUT— it’s still going on, so please help Kelly Dale meet her stretch goals!

Kelly was able to do a podcast interview with the guys at “The Comic Source“, talking about Jeremy, Skyward, and the Kickstarter. She’s a sweet heart, so give it a listen if you have the time. She knows the book better than anyone.

The Comic Source Podcast Episode 225 – Skyward Kickstarter Special

She’s recently done another podcast with my friends at Star Joes, and I’ll post that when it happens. Please do what you can to help make this a mega success!