Remember when I started this arc, that I said the model made some odd choices?

Keep in mind, the last pose of the night is 50 min., the model stand is right against the wall, and there’s only a 180 degree of view.  I usually sit to the far right, because the lamp they use has a short cord, so I sit directly behind it to keep the light out of my eyes.

That said. here’s an example of her odd choice… for the last pose, she curled up into a fetal position, and faced the wall. That meant for 50 min. people got to stare at her arched back. A bit like drawing the side angle of a donut. I was all the way to the right, so I actually had a decent composition, but I was about the only one one. The room stood up, and moved to sit behind me; it was like a cartoon. 10 artists all crammed into the corner of a room, trying to draw the same pose. Kind of funny.