If anyone follows me (other than my mom, and a few friends) you may have seen my tweet of how it annoys me when artists leave a drawing session after 10 minutes. It’s not because they forgot about dinner plans, often it’s because they didn’t get an attractive,  20+ girl to draw. For example, below is a middle aged, heavy set model that a couple guys recently walked out of a session over. I’ve drawn this gentleman before, and I don’t have any real complaints— other than he could mix up his poses a bit. I know the longer ones are difficult, but just rotating what direction you’re sitting in doesn’t give us much. He has a shape that (as artists) we need to understand. How body fat collects, how it responds to gravity, how it impedes movement… all valid lessons to learn. It would be helpful to see him in other positions; something like the dying Gaul, or a male version of Manet’s Olympia. Regardless, It’s a lot harder to find references of this body type on the internet, than thin, 20+ ladies, so take advantage of the opportunities and stop being dorks.