In keeping with the annual event taking place this weekend, I present this week’s “No Prize” Joe! As I mentioned before, I have issue with how helmets are usually drawn, and this was one that drove me nuts. I’ve updated it to something more modern, and tried to make it accurate to the source. I also branded it, like the pros would have done. If you’re gonna go with a theme, why not go all out?

Since this character is probably very easy, the No Prize isn’t WHO the Joe is, but rather WHAT is the design reference?! If you can guess what popular trend I’m incorporating here, find an example, and post it as proof. One hint, it’s something all the NFL teams had in common back around the time the GI Joe: Real American Hero toys hit the market!

If anyone wants to draft this guy, drop me a note thru the email link. I’ve been crud about checking it in the past few months, but I’ll try to get back to you.