That would be me!

My fill-in issue of GI Joe (which I got to pencil and ink) was released weeks ago, but originally it wasn’t scheduled to drop until August from what I understood.

If you didn’t grab it, try to find a copy. It was my first time inking an entire Joe issue by myself. The thing about comics is, it’s hard to fully communicate the idea for final inks to another person. Teaming with someone who totally gets it, is a rarity. Everyone has their own approach, which all are valid, but this issue gave me a chance to show a little bit more of how I always wanted the book to read. I always saw the series as an American James Bond, but instead of individual agents out there (ala 007), they were teams, in exotic locales, with gadgets, just blowing stuff up.

The issue is a stand alone, with no need to buy the prior, or the follow up. Even if you don’t normally buy Joe, I hope you’ll grab this one, and I pray you’ll enjoy it. Lord knows I worked hard enough on it!