Here are the inks for the page of pencils I posted previously. This was my first chance to ink an issue of Joe, and I wanted to do something more like Guice/Perkins/Lark (albeit not at their level of skill, I admit). I’m a pen pal with Butch Guice, and he’s always down on his stuff, which his worst is still miles above my best. I emailed him after I did the issue and told him, I finally understood why he never liked anything he does. To me, it isn’t that it’s bad, but rather the frustration that things never come out at the level, or up to the ┬ápotential, one thought something had; Butch confirmed this idea.

Hope everyone still likes the issue, and more importantly BUY IT! Ha! It’s a stand alone issue, so you don’t need any issues prior or after, so enjoy!