You NEVER know what you’re gonna get.

Results after a search can range from funny to odd, but usually (as with everything on the net) there is always some “risqué”; see what I did there? Even with prefs set for safe or moderate, stuff gets thru. There are plenty of “soft-core” heroine cosplay sites, and I can’t condone their intent, but I guarantee one will end up drawing a hero (often female) in a situation where the bad guy has them at his mercy. That said, one of the more difficult things to predict are how capes hang. Shirts and pants are clothes we see people in all the time, so guessing at folds is a bit easier; but capes? How often do you see someone in one of those? So yes, I admit, I grabbed some pics to practice my drapery from, but hey, it’s still more covering than a life drawing class, all of which are still on hold; thanks “omicron”!