Anyone that knows me is also aware that my wife and I have gotten into sumo wrestling over the pandemic. How, or why? I don’t know, but we plan meals, and schedules, around the grand Sumo highlights on NHK (watch it, you’ll love it). Anyway, we picked our fave sumo totally on his name, which reminds us both of Fozzie Bear from the muppets~ Wakatakakage.

There isn’t a whole lot of sumo merchandise available in the US, with the best source has been For this month’s tournament, I wanted to get my wife something unique for the “watch parties” in our houseā€¦ so I designed the image below, which I had made into a shirt, magnets, and stickers from

I remember the days you had to print 1000 of something, or you couldn’t get anything unique you wanted. Now, it’s all made to order, and I couldn’t be happier that she now has the one fan shirt one else will! Since the tournament started yesterday, there’s no spoilers in showing this. I will say, holding onto the shirt, while not giving the secret away, has been like knowing you won the lottery and not telling anyone!