In this scene at the Cobra casino and resort, the bell hop uniform was supposed to be modeled after the Playboy club outfits from days past. I didn’t want to show off too much skin, as I already thought we were pushing it. In lieu of bunny ears, she got the top of the cobra logo, as a tiara like fascinator. Instead of just the one piece bathing suit the old Playboy bunnies used to wear, I have her a traditional bell hop jacket with tails, while instead of a puffy cotton ball on her bum, I made it a serpent tail. You’ll note that the cuffs of the jacket also have a nod to the cobra logo (as seen below).

I wrote in a previous post how I like to use the cobra logo design elements everywhere I can. In the Cobra casino/resort, you’ll find hints of the logo almost everywhere. From the backs of chairs, the back side of the hotel’s central structure, to even the luggage cart. I tried to make the hanging bar in the shape of the cobra head, so depending on the angle, you’d get a feel of the logo.