One more Barney Bear post, with some from “Busybody Bear” and “The Flying Bear”, which features a wonderfully designed plane. Tat character steals the show.

I’m sure some people will notice how few Tex Avery cartoons I’ve sketched from, and truth is… I’m working up to it. His work had some of the most insane “takes”, as seen in his Droopy shorts, but especially in Screwy Squirrel (which I always want to call “whacky squirrel” for some reason). I’ll get to them, because you can’t claim to be studying exaggeration in cartoons and not get around to Tex Avery; he is considered king of the “take” shot.

Also, at some point I have to address the impact of Preston Blair‘s work, and his book (still in print, with good reason), on almost every cartoonist I’ve ever known. Even today I get something out of it every time I look at it. To know he was responsible for (arguably) the most iconic cartoon beauty, “Red”, makes it a must read. You’ll note the Mexican jumping bean character in the bottom left, yes, sadly that’s an issue I’ve had to come to terms with during these sketch sessions, and it’s something I’ll address in upcoming posts.