Chuck Jones seemed to love one design for a dog above all others, as he used it in multiple cartoons, across multiple studios. From Warner Bros. and MGM, to independent projects, you’ll find most were a variation on the “Marc Anthony” design that first appeared in “Cheese Chasers” from 1951. In little over a year, the bulldog would end up in a series of cartoons opposite “Pussyfoot” the adorable cat. “Cheese Chasers” is more important than just that first appearance, as I would claim it’s a lesson for any animator on how to do a “take”; the exaggerated reaction of a character. In this short, there isn’t only the over-the-top physical version, that some people would say is Tex Avery’s domain, but rather the subtle facial “take”, something I would argue Chuck Jones did better than anyone. Watch the “take” shots frame-by-frame, and you’ll really see some beautiful animation.