Yes, even a bit more love for the designs of Mr. Jones, but this time from a few, rarely seen, toons. These are from various one-offs that he did, and essentially all the designs are toss aways, but they’re brilliant. The first two are from “Punch Trunk” about a tiny elephant that wanders the city. The guy on the left is a guard from a mental institution, and his eyes remind me of a mad scientist from a Bugs short. The shabby guy next to him is a drunk from a later scene, and wow, who knew a wrinkled, cartoon coat was such a pain to draw? Kudos to the animation team on that, because the guy does a 180 turn. The dog and cat are from “Chow Hound” which I don’t remember seeing much, if at all, on TV. It’s a neat little short, but I wonder why he didn’t use the Marc Anthony model? Lastly is one from a “war effort” type short called “90 Day Wondering“, which is Chuck at his purest. This is about as “prime” looking Chuck as you can get. That face could be copied and pasted onto several of his drawings, it’s so purely him.