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Mail Art~ Feb 2017-02

Mail art for my mom— she loves her some Bugs Bunny. We went to Santa Fe recently, hence the theme here.

Mail Art~ Feb 2017-01

A couple from recent images off packages sent to family— No theme here… really just the characters they enjoy.  

Inspector, my hat flew off!

Hope your gosh-darn head was in it! Here are the pencils I did for a parody of Smokey and the Bandit, only with Deux-Deux and the Inspector.    

It’s a plane! It’s a bird! It’s a frog!

No, just a cover by me, of lil’ ole UnderDog! They’ve released the final image on social media, so here are the pencils I did for the cover of an…

Paint the mutha Pink!

A recent comic from American Mythology has a cover of the Pink Panther TV cast on it, by yours truly. The original idea was for it to be a center spread, but it…

Holiday Mail Art ~03

I’m sure I did this one before too, but I’m not that clever, and always in a rush to get things in the mail. This was for my…

Holiday Mail Art ~01

The holidays mean more mail/package art than usual. Look for more to pop up… The wife makes cookies for my mom, so I pack ’em up, and ship…

Flash back~ Drawlloween & Inktober 10 part deux

I think it’s obvious why I didn’t use this one for (De)Monday. I love Etrigan, but this was just too dull.

Flash back~ Drawlloween & Inktober 19 part deux

On the 19th of October, the Drawlloween theme was “Witchcraft Wednesday”, and if you go back you’ll find I did a Kikaider parody of Kiki’s Delivery Service. Originally…

More crap mail art—

I wish I had more time to spend on these things when I do them, but usually it’s “get’er done, n gone!” sort of situations. Here’s the outside,…

Drawlloween & Inktober 31~ Finally!

“Trick R Treat”~ I was gonna do a pirate, but today it’s also my pseudo~nephew’s birthday! Happy Birthday, MAX! He’s gonna be Batman!

Drawlloween & Inktober 30

Skulls & Skeletons

Drawlloween & Inktober 28


Drawlloween & Inktober 27

Call of C’Thursday

Drawlloween & Inktober 26

“They came from outer space”

Drawlloween & Inktober 25

“Entombed Tuesday” ~ or “Rankin & Bass Do Dr. Who”

Drawlloween & Inktober 24

“Mechanical Monstrosity”

Drawlloween & Inktober 23

“Superstition Sunday”

Drawlloween & Inktober 22


Drawlloween & Inktober 21

“Phantom Phriday”