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Spidey Gwen, Spidey Gwen—

Let’s end the week with some Spider-Gwen And like the Joe sketches, this character sketch is available for purchase. Just reach out to me via my website!


Don’t forget tomorrow night (Tues. Mar 12) is the  Nerds in NOMA — a panel of local comic artists talking comics, which will be moderated by Michael Rhode (local City…

No Ma! It’s…a geekfest!

Actually, NOMA is an organization that provides services, and holds events, in the DC area to promote businesses, and better living. This coming Tuesday (Mar 12) they’re hosting…

Spidey samples?

I’m nobody important, so I still gotta do samples. I thought, “Hell, no one at Marvel will look at these anyway (ever the optimist), so I’ll just draw…

Magic (The Gathering) Final Trick

With the book coming out, I thought I’d go ahead and show the behind the scenes stuff. Here are the pencils for the cover… And the final inks,…

Magic (The Gathering) Trick p03 – Chandra

A second shot at Chandra.

Magic (The Gathering) Trick p02 – Tibalt

And of course a hero needs a nemesis.

Magic (The Gathering) Trick p01 – Chandra

If you check around, you can find my cover for i 04 of Magic :the Gathering — Chandra. The next few posts are the audition images I did,…

Maybe it’s just a migraine?

Maybe its Spider-sense? Maybe it’s Maybelline?     And don’t forget, I’ll be at Baltimore Con at the end of this month! Drop by the Kids Corner to…

Well, Shazam Sarge!

Oh Gomer, you card! Also in the pile for Baltimore Con!

Silk-y smooth with a hint of webbing

Also up for grabs at Baltimore Con.

Kicking it really old school- like stone age, man!

  Man, I miss this show. Another one that’ll be available at Baltimore Con!    

Don’t Mock(ingbird) me!

Another sketch that will be available at Baltimore Con!

Baltimore Con 2018 (Sep 28-30)

Hey gang, I’ll be at Baltimore Con in the Kids Korner, sitting next to Brian Shearer! You don’t have to be a kid to come by, and say…

That’s random~ 01 : Bionic Man

The next block of posts are just recent sketches… enjoy!

Heroes Con Closed

Well I’m heading back home today from Heroes Con. Thanks to everyone for coming out. Here’s a little something from the show I did. Enjoy!

Heroes Con 2018 (June 15-17)

Letting everyone know I’ll be at Heroes Con in Charlotte over Father’s Day weekend (June 15-17). I’ll be sharing a table with the lovely Kelly Dale as she…

Comic art appreciation in public? Obviously, NOT here!

I saw this over on the Anime News Network website, and it’s not only interesting, but shows how much more respect the Japanese have for comics as an…

Marvel Adventures : Avengers Comixology SALE!

If any of you want to see some of the early stuff I did for Marvel, head over to Comixology for their digital Marvel All Ages Sale! The arc…

Free Comic Book Day 2018 Baltimore Signing!

Hey gang! Free comic book day is THIS Saturday, and I’ll be in Baltimore with the team of American Mythology at  Cards, Comics, and Collectibles! They’re opening early for…