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Fast ball, curve ball, Hard Ball!

Looks an awful lot like other Joes I know.

Gnaw on that for a while, Cobra!

A lot of Australian looking costumes in the Joe universe for unknown reasons. Case in point? Gnawgahyde.

Get back, Get back, Get Back Stop!

There are more Joes than you can shake a stick at. Backstop is one of those I look and, and scratch my head. I like parts of it,…

Is that a sporan? Or are you just happy to see me?

A friend once asked why it was that all comic costumes seem designed to point directly at a guy’s crotch. Destro’s grenadier costume does exactly that. I never…


Oh! GI Joe… ok. Not what I thought you meant.  I’ll try posting a few Joes this month, and with that… I’ve been listening to the Speed Racer OST,…

Spearhead -ing the idea of more GIJoe sketches!

I didn’t get to draw all the Joes while on the book, and there’s certainly a lot of them. I like the guys with animal sidekicks (don’t call…

It’s a Bazooka, Joe!

Often ridiculed, rarely loved… Bazooka!

Wait. Dude is their accountant? What-ev!

Yes, the infamous COBRA accountant, Raptor. I wonder if he can deduct those feathers?

Shock(Wave) the monkey!

OK, so I like classic Peter Gabriel, sue me; just don’t “@” me. A little FireF… er, uh, Shockwave, from GIJoe!

It’s a Horror Show!

Not because of Halloween, but from Oktober Guard! Below is the original blue, but I’m still trying to get the scans to match how it looks in the…

Up from the depths— and beyond!

That’s not a mixed metaphor, correct? This was the loose initial sketch.And here is the tight drawing, with context. Man Shipwreck can be a jerk.

New lead singer for Cold Slither is Serpentor set for Baltimore Con!

Kidding— not really, but it would be funny; like a GWAR revival or something? Another recent commission, and if you want to get in on my reshow list…

Dirty Daina… Oooohhh Oktober Guard

Here’s one of the main October Guard from GI Joe. Like others, this was done in blue lead, but the last few posts of color images didn’t really…

Crazy man! With Crazy Legs!

Here’s a recent commission, and if you’re interested in setting up a pre-show commission for Baltimore, email me thru the site link! I only have a few slots…

Temporary re-enlistment

If you hit the shops, or go online, for comics today, check out my guest issue of GI Joe: Real American Hero #263! Paying a little love to…

Once a Joe, always a Joe!

With the end of Sgt. Slaughter week (this should be an official tradition IMO), let us end here on a high note; which would be… YO!

Sgt. Slaughter is not amused with my pathetic drawings!

At least that’s what I’d expect him to say. I was on the GI Joe comics in some form for about 7 years. Sadly, the good Sgt. was…

It’s Sgt Slaughter week— you maggots!

Sgt. Slaughter the wrestling icon, and part time GI Joe character, was at the recent show in DC. I did a bunch of sketches of him, and drawings…

Mind the oranges Duke!

A little DR & Quinch reference there. Anyway, another sketch from the recent show.

Not so awesome after all

Coming up are some sketches from the show, cause I had plenty of time on my hands. Ugh- sorry Brian! Although, this one did sell.