Category: Non-Life Drawing

She’s just a country girl with the blues

I admit, I like this one better converted to grayscale. Maybe this time it’s because of her outfit? Here’s how it looked originally.

Washi you were here

This was originally a blue image, but I liked it more converted to gray. That might be because it was a pain, and I redrew it multiple times….

Black is the new blue

Pulled out a marker for this one. It was a blue line, but haven’t inked on paper in a while. Nothing special.

Blue right down my shirt

Based on a photo book. Not sure if she was just putting the sweater on, taking it off, looking for crumbs, checking for spiders … who knows? Still…

Mucha much?

More blue, and from another photo book. I loved the fabric in this, and tried to capture the subtle silhouette of her form under the skirt. I always…

Sumimasen, are those bugle boy jeans?

More blue line. It really was for the challenge of the drapery/shirt, I swear.  Odd how just changing it to grayscale alters the feel. Perhaps it’s the contrast…

Blue us a kiss

Another blue lead image, and the model in this photo book was a riot. She had this habit of acting like a goofy kid, which made her adorable.

Nice purse you got there, fake lady

More non-life drawings, from another Japanese picture book.

Blue, period!

More sketches from Japanese photo books. I’ve mentioned I love working in this blue lead, and it’s not just the color; but I’m sure that’s part of it….

Back, in the natto groove

Sketching from my Japanese photo books again.

She’s got… ZZTop?

Stuff I enjoy drawing- Coats, long hair, and heels– I don’t know why.

Keeping up the chops

More non-life sketches, simple, line, clean, unpaid. Man, I just love that blue lead, and not just for the color; but more on that later. 

It’s not who gets it… Tokusatsu edition

But will the right people get it? To paraphrase the MST3K gang. Here are some sketches of Kiyomi Tsukada, from the Tokusatsu series “Seiun Kamen Machineman“.  She only…

Don’t push your luck kid, just draw!

Here are some examples of what I talked about earlier in the week. As you can see, I started spending more and more time rendering out the figures…

Time waits for no one

I was doing more sketches from the pose app, and I was doing them at 5 min, but I kept wanting to finish the images out a bit….

Non-Life drawing with kids

Of them, not with them- get off my lawn! Here are more sketches from some pose apps. All kids this time, and the one girl had an odd…

Life drawing is back, but…

I’m still sketching from those reference apps, because the drawing sessions are only once a month for now. Here are some 5 min. poses.