Tag: Life Drawing 2020

School is out for-ever!

It’s mid/late-September, is anyone still going to an actual school? If so, should they? Here’s another non-life drawing, based on a pic from a Japanese magazine. This one…

Loomis out the details

This is a non-life drawing based on a shot of a cosplayer, but I don’t know the anime reference; sorry. I’ve been re-reading “Creative Illustration” by Andrew Loomis,…

Non-non-non-non-non-non-non-non-Life Drawing

More magazine based, non-life drawing. This week, drapery, cause it’s all about that jacket.

Life has been a bit sketchy this year

More Japanese magazine, photo based, non-life drawing. If it’s Japanese, you know school girls are gonna end up being involved at some point. This is still just a…

Summer is winding down, we still locked in?

I write most of these posts about a month and half out, and right now is somewhere in the middle of July. Summer for most people has been…

Another non-life drawing

Another lovely lady from a Japanese magazine. I can never complain they don’t hold the pose.

Thru the non-life drawing looking glass

Another cosplay, photo based, non-life drawing.