It’s mid/late-September, is anyone still going to an actual school? If so, should they?

Here’s another non-life drawing, based on a pic from a Japanese magazine. This one was really to practice that foreshortened arm, and her smile. Lines on the face equal age in a drawing, so it’s a (forgive the pun) fine line between getting the information of the pose down on paper, but not letting the rendering work against you. Work? Fail?

Additionally, I’ve been playing with how I scan stuff, and below is a new scan (done this morning, where as this post was written weeks ago). I think it captures the more subtle aspects of the drawing, in many ways. I like this better, because it brought out the levels of gray that were lost previously. I’ve rescanned a lot of the images for upcoming posts, and will be talking about how it’s really changed the look of the images. Hope I won’t bore anyone with it all.