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Trouble on the Red Line-

But then, what else is new in DC? Naw, here’s that new model with red lead. The wife likes the look, I’m still not sold on it.

New model, new week, same bat shi– whoops!

More images of the new model this week. Like I said, she didn’t do overly dramatic, or expressive poses, but what she did she held well; and again,…

Oh model, my new model

Here’s that new model again. She did limited range of poses, but she held them well. I enjoyed the strong attitude she presented in a lot of her…

New model, like a new pencil

Here are some sketches of a new model we had at our sessions. She had a unique body shape, that was elegant, but still on the stout side….

Blue! Blue! Get off the stage!

I just keep going back to it… sorry. It’s the lead, it’s just easy to draw with. It’s not overly waxy, it’s soft, but doesn’t smudge, and I…

Just hanging…

I enjoyed the ponytail, I just find hair a pleasant challenge when drawing.

Ha! Made you look!

Just hanging out, checking out stuff, that’s apparently over —>

An itch you can’t scratch~

Oh come on, it looks like she’s trying to scratch her back. Sheesh. Come up with your own post titles then. ;¬P

Like er’mygawd!

It was just the ponytail.      

Gray skies are gonna clear up…

Or not. Another new gray sketchbook image. Yeah yeah, the head’s too big.

Gray skies are blue again…

Ok, it’s just blue lead. More from that new gray paper sketchbook.

Gray skies …

Filled that tan paper sketchbook, so got a gray one. Here’s first sketch, in regular graphite, and about a 10 min. pose.

What the…?

Remember when I started this arc, that I said the model made some odd choices? Keep in mind, the last pose of the night is 50 min., the…

Still blue (lead) after all this time

Back to the blue, but I got a bit carried away in the texture department— sorry.

Red lead, red rover, send red lead on over

See, like I mentioned a few posts ago, this is a very common pose. I think it has more to do with the stand being up against the…

Well look at that–

I liked this pose, but I never got the head right… ce la vie. I’ve said it before, not everything can be the Mona Lisa. 

Whew, they aired it out

Another recent drawing session for review, and thankfully it had aired out since that stinky guy had been there! Here are some quick sketches to start things off….

Red, white, and blue… leads.

In honor of the 4th, here are a couple of sketches from that recent session where the new model was so good, but the fellow artist stank so…

She wore blue… lead

Yep, I still like the blue lead, maybe because it’s easier to see on the paper in the low lighting of the gallery? Meh, doesn’t matter. Here’s another…

Pinky posed almost akimbo

Ehhhh— sit on it. OK, all of that is only moderately funny, and even then… only if you’re old. Any-hoo— more red lead drawings with that new model….