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Return of the Queen~ p05

This was the last pose of the night, a 50 min, with no break. If you read the first post in this series, I mentioned how this model…

Return of the Queen~ p04

Another 30 min.

Return of the Queen ~ p03

This was a 30 min, and this was the pose she drifted the most in, but even then she held it really well. You know it’s not easy,…

Return of the Queen p02

My fave model was back, but this arm drove me nuts, it never did look right.

Return of the Queen p01

One of my fave models came back to life drawing, and she was a fresh breath of air. She’s pretty, but more importantly, she knows how to run…

The solution to a repetitive life drawing model?

If you saw my post on Tuesday, you read my complaints about the model who kept repeating the same position. The set up was pretty dull, and he’d…

Life drawing is back!

Had the first life drawing session of the year, and things started off with a skip… a skip… a skip… The model was fine, if you like the same…

Life Drawing Dec 17 pt05

This was the last image from the drawing sessions in 2018, and unlike the last few posts, I decided to go back to the original blue lead I…

#LifeDrawing Dec 17 pt04

Another image with a colored lead as an under drawing, this time using orange.  This was even more difficult to see than the red line (see last post)…

Life Drawing Dec 17 pt03

As I mentioned before I was using dark blue lead as an under drawing, and I liked the way the Copic markers blurred the line for a softer…

Life Drawing Dec 17 pt02

Another graphite sketch, but this was a longer one than the last posts. I think this was a 10 min.

Life Drawing Dec 17 pt01

Last drawing session of 2018. Here are a couple of warm up sketches.

Life Drawing Dec 10 pt04

Another one where I only used the blue line pencil, no markers, and no added black leads.

Life Drawing Dec 10 pt03

With the other images, I would do the blue under drawing, and then go over it in darker lead to define things. That’s the process a lot of…

Life Drawing Dec 10 pt02

Another image using the purple line like before. This was a 20 min pose.

Life Drawing Dec 10 pt01

In the drawing sessions I usually do longer poses on this craft paper, using it as a mid tone. It’s nothing new, people have done it for hundreds…

Life Drawing Dec 03 pt05

I thought the model looked like an old friend of mine,  so for the last pose, I went outside my normal, and did a portrait shot.  One other…

Life Drawing Dec 03 pt04

Something about this one feels like a modern Moses… maybe I should have added some traditional “horns of power”; but that’s a bit too old, old-school.

Life Drawing Dec 03 pt03 (NSFW?)

And more… bits.

Life Drawing Dec 03 pt02

More stuff… same session as the last post. With 2018 coming to an end, I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season. Look forward to more life…