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Drawlloween & Inktober 05

Today it’s “Better Gnomes & Goblins”—

Artistic growth and how it ruined #GI Joe 231

OK, I hope it didn’t, because I was kidding. If it did, that’s on me. ;¬P No, what I mean is, I’ve always felt that an important aspect…

“Bits” of June v02

More life drawing from the second session of June, but sadly we found out there’s going to be a hiatus for 6 weeks while they remodel the facility….

Sketch it out!

My wife got me a cool new present for our anniversary— a subscription to “Sketch Box“. They send you a pack of goodies, once a month, with samples…

“Bits” June v01

All new month of “Bits” for you to enjoy, and here’s the first installment! A 5 min. sketch— a couple of 10 min. poses—   Now you might…

May sketches, bring June “bits”

April showers, May flowers, whatever. These are actually drawings from the end of May. It was a new model to the sessions, and really warm in the studio (now that summer…

Last “bits” of the month!

Oh there’ll be more next month, probably Monday as a matter of fact. For now, here are a couple of drawings to end the month with. These are…

Ok, One More for April (WARNING: Yep, Bits!)

Ok so a few more from April. This model must have been new, she was at least new to our sessions.  

April Coming to a Close (WARNING:BITS!)

To make up for missing a post on Monday, here’s a double whammy; actually these are two weeks worth of model sessions. We had the same woman both times,…

April showers bring man bits (WARNING: danglers!)

Trying to give a “bit” of equal air time. 2 min. 10 min. 10 min. 20 min. 20 min. …and a 15 min.

April showers bring… (Bits Warning)

Latest figure drawing sessions A few gesture poses… Then a 10 min. pose— Lastly some 20 min. renderings—

Happy Easter and some mail art~

Here are a couple of “mailing art” pieces… An old joke, but always a fun one, to celebrate Spring and Easter…     And a lil’ Joe art—

MORE to life than just “bits”— March!

I had a really wild time with this drawing session. Not only was this the bravest model I’ve ever seen, but the poses were rapid fire challenges. I…

February “Bits”

More bits. Anyone who knows me can tell you that I like to travel light to comic shows. I’m always trying to find a way to get the…

Feb Figs— Warning: Contains bits!

More life drawing… yadda, yadda. Weird how the scanner read the white chalk over pencil as a blue. I’m too lazy to color correct, so live with it.

New Year Life Drawing

Here are some sketches from a recent life drawing session, and yes, I’m still doing my usual process. I did branch out though with a shot at doing…

Life and nothing butt… see what I did there?

  How about now?

In the great Hall of the Justice League…

Bindangle Cumberbund?

I didn’t know they had officially signed Sherlock to play the US version of the Dr., but if  he can levitate, why does he own a bed?

Stronger than a Whale…

He can swim anywhere… Really? Even in dirt? What about on route 66?