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April showers bring… (Bits Warning)

Latest figure drawing sessions A few gesture poses… Then a 10 min. pose— Lastly some 20 min. renderings—

Happy Easter and some mail art~

Here are a couple of “mailing art” pieces… An old joke, but always a fun one, to celebrate Spring and Easter…     And a lil’ Joe art—

MORE to life than just “bits”— March!

I had a really wild time with this drawing session. Not only was this the bravest model I’ve ever seen, but the poses were rapid fire challenges. I…

February “Bits”

More bits. Anyone who knows me can tell you that I like to travel light to comic shows. I’m always trying to find a way to get the…

Feb Figs— Warning: Contains bits!

More life drawing… yadda, yadda. Weird how the scanner read the white chalk over pencil as a blue. I’m too lazy to color correct, so live with it.

New Year Life Drawing

Here are some sketches from a recent life drawing session, and yes, I’m still doing my usual process. I did branch out though with a shot at doing…

Life and nothing butt… see what I did there?

  How about now?

In the great Hall of the Justice League…

Bindangle Cumberbund?

I didn’t know they had officially signed Sherlock to play the US version of the Dr., but if  he can levitate, why does he own a bed?

Stronger than a Whale…

He can swim anywhere… Really? Even in dirt? What about on route 66?

Nana, nana, nana, nana…

Oh like you didn’t know… Holy Bat-gut!

Hulk no have cookies!

WHY?! He shouts. Oh come on, the Hulk really is the hero version of Cookie Monster when you think about it.  

Hulk NOT happy!

I go thru waves where I just keep drawing a specific character, and lately it’s old gamma boy.

A to Zenith!

Sorry, it’s been a while, but it’s been busy and we now have this swanky new website thanks to the wife! For now, here’s a sketch I did for…

Sketches: May 2015 (NSFW)

Dr. Drawlittle

For a friend’s birthday, we went to the National Zoo to do some sketching. This was well timed, as it fit in with my recent attempts to improve…

All this tells me…

Is that I need more practice at dinosaurs. Help me Obi-White Kenobi, you’re my only hope.

A (crap) poem for crap art

Old watercolor set found in a drawer I tried to use them need to practice more