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Extremely belated con sketches: edition 01

The first edition in a line of extremely late con sketches— How do we measure time? How long is a year, really? First the B&W line art, check…

Fantom Comics art seminar & GIJoe:RAH i240 Interior art!

Don’t forget ~I’ll be at Fantom Comics in Washington-DC/Dupont Circle on Sunday (May 28/2pm) babbling incessantly, er,… I mean, talking about working as an artist in comics. I’ll be reviewing…

TV Doodles— Kaiju edition

A few sketches from Big G vs. MechaGodzilla II.  Although it has a better design for baby Godzilla than the bug eyed, frumpy one from Son of…, or the God(awful)zilla’s…

TV Doodles p03

Working on textures a bit, with a little Kolchak, some Killer Shrews, and a touch of Janet King; it’s all over the place.

TV Doodles p04

More from “The Undead” presented on MST3K~ Satan, which reminds me of the Rembrandt self portrait etching- also done at a stamp size, but infinitely better than mine. In…

TV Doodles p03

More postage stamp sized sketches, while watching Roger Corman’s “The Undead”. Can you guess what TV show this was presented on? It’s not Svengoolie! First, the annoying, singing, grave…

TV Doodles p02

Another doodle during “Werewolf of London” on Svengoolie. About 2″ tall.

TV Doodles

During Svengoolie – “Werewolf of London”— only about 1.5” tall in reality.

My wife rocks!

When I went to Baltimore Con this year, I found a present from my wife crammed into one of my bags. She knows I’m a big Kamen Rider…

Drawlloween & Inktober 05

Today it’s “Better Gnomes & Goblins”—

Artistic growth and how it ruined #GI Joe 231

OK, I hope it didn’t, because I was kidding. If it did, that’s on me. ;¬P No, what I mean is, I’ve always felt that an important aspect…

“Bits” of June v02

More life drawing from the second session of June, but sadly we found out there’s going to be a hiatus for 6 weeks while they remodel the facility….

Sketch it out!

My wife got me a cool new present for our anniversary— a subscription to “Sketch Box“. They send you a pack of goodies, once a month, with samples…

“Bits” June v01

All new month of “Bits” for you to enjoy, and here’s the first installment! A 5 min. sketch— a couple of 10 min. poses—   Now you might…

May sketches, bring June “bits”

April showers, May flowers, whatever. These are actually drawings from the end of May. It was a new model to the sessions, and really warm in the studio (now that summer…

Last “bits” of the month!

Oh there’ll be more next month, probably Monday as a matter of fact. For now, here are a couple of drawings to end the month with. These are…

Ok, One More for April (WARNING: Yep, Bits!)

Ok so a few more from April. This model must have been new, she was at least new to our sessions.  

April Coming to a Close (WARNING:BITS!)

To make up for missing a post on Monday, here’s a double whammy; actually these are two weeks worth of model sessions. We had the same woman both times,…

April showers bring man bits (WARNING: danglers!)

Trying to give a “bit” of equal air time. 2 min. 10 min. 10 min. 20 min. 20 min. …and a 15 min.

April showers bring… (Bits Warning)

Latest figure drawing sessions A few gesture poses… Then a 10 min. pose— Lastly some 20 min. renderings—