More life drawing from the second session of June, but sadly we found out there’s going to be a hiatus for 6 weeks while they remodel the facility. I may try another place in the meantime, but it’s a bit more expensive. Oh well, one does, what one must. For now, enjoy…

5 min.


A couple of 10 minutes…

Fig_Sketch_06_08_16_02 Fig_Sketch_06_08_16_03

A couple of 20 minute poses…



Then oddly enough she shifted to a 15 min. pose for the next two…



And then this one was only a 10 minute pose.


It’s weird is how people in the session react to a model who chooses to use props, or push them outside of their normal operating procedures. For example, I heard a lot of people complain at first that she had her hair down, then later when she added the scarf there was a lot of grumping. With the glasses, you would have thought she punched a baby in the face. I don’t get it? Isn’t the point to challenge yourself? To become accustomed to drawing what you see? For me, as a working professional, I don’t get asked to draw very many naked people. I enjoyed the practice of drawing fabric, flowing hair, and glasses; all of which the Baroness tends to be seen in. Ok, that body suit is pretty tight, but she still has her hair down, and wears glasses.