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You’ve never given up on anything before…

Now draw! Back to the “risqué” search result references, here’s another pose with some drapery on an injured super heroine. Plus the hair was fun to draw. Not…


Again, a few more sketches from the pose files.

Zoo sketching 2018 ~pt03

This last page is from the Amazonian house at the Zoo. They have  fish, amphibians, birds, trees, plants… but most of these drawings are of the Roseata Spoonbill….

Zoo Sketching 2018 ~pt02

More Zoo drawings from my recent trip. Monkeys sure do jump around a lot! The kudus on the other hand just sat there. There was a bird (top…

Zoo sketching 2018 ~pt01

Met with a friend, and hit the zoo to break this cabin fever.  More later—

More anime, manga, or whatever… sketching.

It is what it is, but I’m still playing with the style. I found a model sheet, (now I can’t remember from what or where), and I liked…

“Bits” of June v02

More life drawing from the second session of June, but sadly we found out there’s going to be a hiatus for 6 weeks while they remodel the facility….