It is what it is, but I’m still playing with the style. I found a model sheet, (now I can’t remember from what or where), and I liked the socks/leg warmers the character had on; they appealed to my Flashbeagle days. I just started drawing her, and then kept playing with her poses. The ones of her sleeping, and pulling on her sock, were loose copies from the original model sheet. 

Here’s the original model sheet I found. Again, I don’t know from what, who, or where. I just really liked the feel of the character, and was trying to get the proportions down. I’ve been reading about how sometimes characters in anime have longer shins, and shorter thighs, and how they structure the hair, etc…

Right now, it’s not so much about exactly copying the model sheet for me, as much as trying to get a feel for the how to build people within the style.

I’ve been watching a lot of videos on YouTube, from a guy called NihongoGamer . He also has a channel called “DokiDoki” that he does with (his cosplay/newscaster/wife/girl-friend?) Cathy Cat of NHK News Room Tokyo. On DokiDoki, the videos are about the methods of drawing anime/manga, and he has professional guests from the industries come one there. Sometimes they draw the same thing, then compare/critique the stuff. I’m impressed that he doesn’t shy away from having people on who specialize in specific areas of art that he doesn’t. For example, it’s not easy to compete with someone on backgrounds when that’s all they do, every day. It’s a good learning tool.

Check them out via the hyperlinks.