My fave life model was back, and in grand form! (Is that a pun? I never know) She did not disappoint, because from the start, she was rockin’! Like these 60 second gesture poses, she totally caught me off guard from the start! Usually I get further than this, but I couldn’t believe she was posing on one leg! A full minute, without drifting, shaking, or anything; amazing! I didn’t get to her hair at all! ARGH!She had her hair down (which few models do for some unknown reason), and I love to draw the flow, and shapes, hair takes on; especially when a model uses it like drapery. This time you can see a little of her hair!

A nice classic pose—

And then she went crazy with it! I couldn’t believe she held this! Even at 60 sec. you could tell she was working hard to hold it, but wow- she pulled it off!

She’s not the queen for nothing!