I love this model for various reasons, the first being her ability to lock in a pose and not drift. She doesn’t just do ones that allow her to be supported by a chair, pole, or laying down; she challenges herself. That attitude challenges the artist, and she gives a wide range of looks. As I said before she had her hair down, which I appreciated. 

Hair can give a pose more to work with. In the limited context of form without contrast, hair suddenly interjects texture, and randomness. Limbs, and the torso, dominate a drawing, only slightly offset by the compact details of the face, fingers, or toes, but hair can be an explosion of detail; especially if it’s longer as it is here. I guess that’s why I enjoy drawing it so much? These were 5 minutes long, so I didn’t get to develop the hair as I wanted, but you can see below how it acts like a backdrop to her form and face.

In this 10 min. pose, the foreshortening was a challenge, as was her form through the cascade of hair. I wish this had been longer, I’d have loved to developed this one more.