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Life drawing Oct 18- pt01 ch02

This was a 30 min., and I liked the under-developed look of the props with just the marker line; it has the feel of a 60s era magazine…

Life Drawing Oct 18- pt01 ch01

Forgive the title, but there are a few of these coming, so gotta keep it organized somehow. This was a 20 min.

Baltimore Con is GO! Oh, and even more life drawing—

Remember! THIS weekend is Baltimore Con, and I’ll be in the Kids Korner next to Brian Shearer! Drop by, say hi, get some art. As to my life…

Life Drawing— 04

Previously, on “Life Drawing” This started out really well, then a mobile radiator near the art stand fell over. Although she got really close, the pose was never…

Life drawing, episode 03— oh grow up.

“They called breasts Vivian, and everybody has them.” This was the first of the longer poses, and 15 min.

More life drawing (e02)

FYI— These B&W images were 5 minute sketches… And don’t forget— I’ll be at Baltimore Con Sep 28-30, at the B’more Con Center!

Finally, some real drawing!

I mean, uh, finally some life drawing! Yeah, that’s it, not that comics, aren’t… um, well, — uh… With recent changes to my Krav schedule, I can now…

Life Drawing May 2018 ~ pt02

A couple more ~ This was another 20 min. This was a 30 min.

Life Drawing May 2018 ~ pt01

Got out to do a little sketching from a model. Enjoy— This was a 10 min. This was a 20 min.

Zoo sketching 2018 ~pt03

This last page is from the Amazonian house at the Zoo. They have  fish, amphibians, birds, trees, plants… but most of these drawings are of the Roseata Spoonbill….

Zoo Sketching 2018 ~pt02

More Zoo drawings from my recent trip. Monkeys sure do jump around a lot! The kudus on the other hand just sat there. There was a bird (top…

Zoo sketching 2018 ~pt01

Met with a friend, and hit the zoo to break this cabin fever.  More later—

Painting baby steps

Trying to play with painting digitally, some things I like, others I don’t. Base drawing…   Neat accident with layer manipulation…     The mess…

Life drawing 2018- e03 (or) Hot Diggity Dang!

Hope you all had a great President’s Day! We took the day off, and spent it with the wife. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming. Well, as…

Life drawing 2018 -e02

This was part of the Dr. Sketchy program, and the model wasn’t a burlesque dancer, rather she was a belly dancer. She had never posed before but she…

NSFW- Back to life… drawing- that is

I was lucky enough to get to a couple of life drawing sessions recently, something I haven’t been able to do in a long time. The old drawing…

Nice parcels you got there, Betty

Some quick mail art I did for a friend over Christmas. I can’t show you what we mailed… hee hee, but it was very Betty.

180 degree turn~ YOWZA~

In direct contrast to all the kid friendly anime stuff, here’s a total turn. I’ve been having a clear out, and one thing I’m doing is tossing old…

Extremely belated con sketches: edition 01

The first edition in a line of extremely late con sketches— How do we measure time? How long is a year, really? First the B&W line art, check…

Fantom Comics art seminar & GIJoe:RAH i240 Interior art!

Don’t forget ~I’ll be at Fantom Comics in Washington-DC/Dupont Circle on Sunday (May 28/2pm) babbling incessantly, er,… I mean, talking about working as an artist in comics. I’ll be reviewing…